Who is liable to use TDS procedure ?

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As a result of the Ombudsman’s investigation IS provided Mr F with the information he sought. In some of the cases he investigates he finds that the Code exemptions have been correctly applied. In many others, he concludes that only some of the information requested should be released. In a number of cases investigated in 1998/99, the Ombudsman found that the body concerned had released all the information in its possession; but the complainant clearly had not believed that to be so.Indeed, on the basis of a revised and more accurate method of measuring which was introduced during the year we improved our performance, compared with the previous year, by 18.5%.

Even in such cases, the Ombudsman’s investigation can result in improved practices. The Ombudsman found that theĀ valuers AdelaideĀ Welsh Office had followed the spirit of the Code in releasing relevant factual information and the reasons for a Secretary of State’s decision. The Department has also agreed to consider, on a case by case basis, whether it would be appropriate in future to set down facts and analysis in a separate document which could be released to interested parties. This year we have continued to improve the time taken to complete investigations. The 16 investigations carried out took, on average, 23 weeks to complete.

This average, while a significant improvement on the record of the previous two years, is still higher than the Ombudsman would wish. Some cases took longer than they might otherwise have done because of the need for discussions with the department concerned. However, they usually resulted in the release of more information than would otherwise have been the case. The efforts made to obtain responses from departments at both those stages within the agreed timescales have contributed to the improved throughput times.

Our first business objective was to explain quickly and clearly to complainants either the basis on which their complaint was to be investigated or why it was not being investigated. Targets in the business plan for 1998/99 designed to measure achievement of this objective were. The substantial backlog of screening cases that had built up since 1995 and 1996 was largely eliminated in the course of 1997 the proportion of cases screened within six weeks during 1998/99 was 67%.