What are the major challenges which is to faced in TDS ?

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While recognising that searching for records (particularly ones which are not recent) may be an unwelcome demand upon resources. Ombudsman considers that those seeking information should have the assurance that all reasonable steps have been taken to locate information sought, unless the request concerned can fairly be rejected as unreasonable. When the Code was launched in April 1994, the clear intention was that it should Accumulated Depreciation apply as it stood to all bodies within the Ombudsman’s jurisdiction.

This is not an acceptable substitute for the Code, which was not intended to be a document that bodies could shape as they wished. The Ombudsman will criticise bodies of his investigations find that they are using a variation on the Code rather than the authentic Code. He recommends that all departments should ensure that all their executive agencies and similar bodies are applying the full current Code.Mr F complained that because of the quality of the water three of the pupils in his care became ill after attending the National Water Sports Centre. He further complained that ESC had refused to provide him with information relating to relevant risk assessments they had made.

This recommendation is especially relevant to the 158 new bodies brought into the Ombudsman’s jurisdiction from 15 March 1999. Two, which concerned the deaths of prisoners in custody, became Code matters because in both cases the complainants has been denied access to reports of the Prison Service internal investigations. To expect complainants to distinguish between information and maladministration elements in their complaints and pursue them separately would place an additional obstacle in complainants’ way.

The Ombudsman is concerned that there should continue to be a satisfactory means of dealing with such hybrid cases, without placing further burdens on complainants following the introduction of the proposed Freedom of Information legislation. Mr Y complained that an investigation by the Office of the Data Protection Registrar (DPR) into a complaint made against him under the Data Protection Act had been unnecessary, unfair and dilatory. Mr Y also complained that the DPR had refused to give him a copy of the letter of complaint and information about their methods of investigation. While the Ombudsman criticised the DPR for some aspects of the handling of the request.