House Valuation Brisbane: Things to Know before you hire

Posted by billiardgate March - 23 - 2018 0 Comment

I have listed and sold nearly 1,000 homes equaling approximately 1 Billion Dollars of the residential real estate. I’ve spoken at major real estate conferences to thousands of real estate agents, invested in and currently own house valuation Brisbane several rental properties from my own personal account, and have studied the “science of real estate” under some of the brightest minds in the industry both past and present.

I’m launching this site with the intent of offering you an unfiltered no-nonsense electronic highway of communication. Incidentally, the name the blog, and even the title of this post, is shamelessly taken from conversations with my young daughter, who like most kids these days have a language all their own! She inspired me to give you the 411 (aka the “information”) which as best as I can tell means the “inside scoop.”

What does all this mean to you?…

Simply put, that you can begin this new “electronic” relationship (don’t worry, I’ve already told my lovely wife of 16 years that I’m not into online dating just blogging!) with a sense of confidence that I know what I’m talking about as it relates to the world of real estate. One of my personal goals along the way is to become a welcomed guest, rather than an unwanted pest, earning your trust so that you can use and profit from my advice.

Real estate is an exciting and interesting topic. For most of us it represents our largest financial investment. It’s also an emotional safe harbor in the busy storm of life. It is that mixture that arouses the passion of so many. If you are one of those passionate people, then visiting this blog on a consistent basis will be time well spent for you.