If we are talking about the tax depreciation schedule process then the process is really very complex to manage by the normal person. Chief Negotiator Angus Robertson will devote more time to land claims issues, Duncan said. His intergovernmental duties have been re-assigned to other senior public servants. Ambulance attendants from around the territory will gather in Whitehorse Sept. Up to 13, three-person teams from rural communities will participate in  [ Read More ]

Warm Front is a very hard scheme to target well, because there are so many considerations to take into account, including both the characteristics of the dwelling and the household. Not all this information is readily available and there is also a danger of over-complicating the scheme. However, several recommendations follow from this research. Priority should be given to applicants who are living in the least energy efficient homes. A  [ Read More ]

The reduction of VAT on domestic building work will benefit consumers, the industry and even the Government. Cutting VAT on domestic work will enable consumers to make informed choices based on building quality and not necessarily on who offers the cheapest deal, which will benefit both them and reputable builders; Cutting out the cowboy will reduce the unacceptably high level of complaints against poor building work Office of Fair Trading  [ Read More ]