The TCPA generally supports concentrated use of airports and the closure of the majority of entirely local airports in favour of better high speed rail connections to major hubs. The region cannot entirely meet its own demands and will continue to depend on a hub facility in the South East. A new airport in the Severn Estuary should be considered as a combined strategy for this region and South Wales. The TCPA strongly believes that the ability of the environment to sustain air travel is limited, and that current provision of airport capacity is already reaching that limit

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This could be achieved through such measures as imposing a kerosene tax, developing high-speed rail links to replace most short-haul flights from the north to the South East, and increasing the number of direct international flights available from Manchester, which should be developed as a second UK international hub airport.

The TCPA would support additional capacity on condition that it is met via a new hub airport in the Thames Estuary, that environmental criteria are met and that the Government takes all appropriate steps to constrain and lower demand. Of importance in the case of the North are the steps noted in the response to Question A1 to ensure demand for travel from the North to the South East is met by appropriate surface transport (especially high-speed rail).

Also, it is desirable to reduce the current level of short-haul flights from the North to the South East in order to make international connections through the provision of more direct international flights from Manchester, which should be developed as the second UK international hub. Such a strategy of developing a second international hub has been implemented in other major EU countries (France, Spain and Germany, for example)