House Valuation Brisbane: Things to Know before you hire

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I have listed and sold nearly 1,000 homes equaling approximately 1 Billion Dollars of the residential real estate. I’ve spoken at major real estate conferences to thousands of real estate agents, invested in and currently own house valuation Brisbane several rental properties from my own personal account, and have studied the “science of real estate” under some of the brightest minds in the industry both past and present. I’m launching this  [ Read More ]

The Chief Officers from five agencies (SEPA, Scottish Natural Heritage, Communities Scotland, Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise) met during December to discuss the Scottish Executive’s sustainable development strategy and to identify ways in which they could collaborate to advance sustainable development within their own agencies and with the people and organisations with whom they come into contact. Over the past year the agencies have collaborated on a variety  [ Read More ]

Warm Front is a very hard scheme to target well, because there are so many considerations to take into account, including both the characteristics of the dwelling and the household. Not all this information is readily available and there is also a danger of over-complicating the scheme. However, several recommendations follow from this research. Priority should be given to applicants who are living in the least energy efficient homes. A  [ Read More ]

The reduction of VAT on domestic building work will benefit consumers, the industry and even the Government. Cutting VAT on domestic work will enable consumers to make informed choices based on building quality and not necessarily on who offers the cheapest deal, which will benefit both them and reputable builders; Cutting out the cowboy will reduce the unacceptably high level of complaints against poor building work Office of Fair Trading  [ Read More ]

The TCPA generally supports concentrated use of airports and the closure of the majority of entirely local airports in favour of better high speed rail connections to major hubs. The region cannot entirely meet its own demands and will continue to depend on a hub facility in the South East. A new airport in the Severn Estuary should be considered as a combined strategy for this region and South Wales.  [ Read More ]